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Christian Alessi is a main character in Alex & Co. He has been Alex's best friend since they were children. He is always cheerful, friendly, and very nice, but never cocky. For a certain period of time, he is replaced by Tom in the role of team captain due to a leg injury, caused by Tom himself. He is admired by all the girls, especially Linda, but he does not want her as a girlfriend. He is the best at giving love advice. In the last episode of season one, he writes a love song dedicated to Emma.

In season 2, he tells Alex that he is in love with Emma and they later start a relationship, with a few fights along the way.

In season 3, Christian still loves Emma. He's a great soccer player and soon he will have to choose between music and soccer. After episode 41, he moved to Australia with his family and broke up with Emma.

Christian Alessi is portrayed by Saul Nanni.


Although he seems cocky and looks like a player, Christian is kind-hearted and only loves Emma.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Christian's style is similar to Alex's. He wears a lot of polo or t-shirts and hoodies or sweaters. He has quite long dirty blonde hair, gelled up and parted to the side. He also sometimes wears a shirt, or a scarf.

Season 2

Christian hasn't changed his style much, but wears more hoodies and shirts than polo shirts and sweaters.

Season 3




Christian has been friends with Alex and Nicole for a very long time. He has most likely been playing soccer for a very long time, since he is very good.




Alex Leoni
Best friends, bandmates See: Alistian
Christian and Alex have always been best friends. Christian often helped Alex with Emma by doing things like telling him what to say.
Nicole De Ponte
Good friend, fake girlfriend (former) See: Chole
Christian and Nicole are friends. They once pretended to date to help Christian get Linda off his back.


Linda Rossetti
Crush-by-on See: Chrinda
Linda is first seen talking about how she likes Christian. Throughout the series, Linda has had an obvious crush on Christian, which he knows about. As of season 3, Linda still has a crush on Christian, but uses a friendlier approach to him as apposed to her former obvious ways, which causes Christian to believe that she is over him.
Emma Ferrari
Ex-girlfriend, bandmate, crush, friend See: Cemma
Christian and Emma are exes. After realizing that she did not have feelings for Alex, Emma fell in love with Christian, who wrote a song for her. They broke up when he moved to Australia.


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  • It is possible that he did not sing before the show, because in Episode 3, Alex laughed when saying that Christian sung all the time.
  • He can play the drums.
  • The name of his father Igor is probably based on the name of his portrayer, Jgor Barbazza.


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