Clio Pinto is a character in Season 3 of Alex & Co.

She is a newcomer to Melsher Institute. Sullen and distrustful of all, Clio prefers to stay on her own. But her prickly appearance hides a large and painful secret, that only Alex will manage to open up.

Clio is portrayed by Miriam Dossena.


At the beginning of the third season, Clio was very introverted, sullen and tough. She was always alone, had a renegade spirit and since she had suffered many betrayals by her old friends, she hadn't confidence and didn't trust anyone. However, with the help of Alex, Clio became more and more confident and trustful, and she gained the courage to express her feelings and follow her passions.

Physical Appearance

Clio has redish brown hair and green eyes. She is quite short. She used to wear black shirts and a black hat, but now she prefers colourful clothes as she conquered her fears and became more sociable.


Before the show

She used to dance at Sara's Blue Factory, but she quit because of a bad experience.

Season 3




Alex Leoni
Ex-boyfriend , former enemy See: Aclio
Alex and Clio first met when Clio ran into him and made his phone fall out of his hand, breaking it. Since then, Alex has had a crush on her and has stood up to Professor Strozzi for her. Clio and Alex gradually get closer and become a couple. In Episode 51, however, Clio realizes that Nicole and Alex still love each other, so she breaks up with him regretfully.


Ex-boyfriend See: Clivan
Ivan and Clio dated prior to the series, but broke up for unknown reasons. However, Ivan wants Clio back, much to Clio's dismay.


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  • She wore very dark colors, until Alex conquers her fear of being herself.
  • She was a major recurring character until episode 42, where she became a main character.
  • Her surname was revealed in episode 46.


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