We couldn't even imagine that the greatest adventure we would ever experience was waiting for us behind that door. One that would change our lives forever!

Episode 1 is the first episode of Season 1 of Alex & Co. It premiered in Italy on May 11, 2015.


Alex thinks high school will be easy but soon learns it's very strict. Coping with it seems impossible until a hidden room behind a secret door changes everything.


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14 year old Alex Leoni walks out of the window, when his mother tells him that there is such thing as a door. Alex says that doors are only for boring people and rides his bike to school. At the Melsher Institute, Nicole De Ponte is seen waiting for Alex. In her narration, she admits that she is in love with Alex while looking at a selfie of him and her on her phone. She smiles as Alex approaches. They high five and Alex gives Nicole a present.

When Nicole and Alex walk into the Melsher Institute, they are instantly greeted by, presumably, a teacher, who tells Alex to tie his shoe laces. They then walk into Nina, who points out that they are first years. They then see the rules of the school on a wall. Alex reads out a few which are: no music in school; no miniskirts and shorts; no food in the classroom and no running in the corridors. They both share a slightly scared look.

Christian Alessi is then seen walking outside. Linda Rossetti starts talking about him. Samantha tries to say something, but is shushed by Linda, who stares at him along with Rebecca and Samantha. Then, a group of boys playing soccer kick the ball off the grass. Christian, sees the ball and jumps in front of Linda to grab it. Linda starts talking about him once more, with Rebecca and Samantha replying with their usual "Obviously" and "Absolutely". A black car pulls up on a curb and Emma exits the car.

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  • Carla Gasparini as Serious Teacher

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On his first day of high school, Alex has been surprised by all the prohibitions of the institute. He and his friends have been late for Scorpion class. However, he is happy to have met Emma. As soon as Nicole has seen Alex, she has realized she likes him. He has given her a diary and she has felt it special. On the other hand, she feels disappointed because she has noticed Alex is in love with Emma. Sam wants to access to a good university. Melsher Institute is expensive but he got a scolarship. He has joined Alex and his friends when they have helped to escape from Tom, who was messing with him.


  • It is revealed that Nicole is in love with Alex.
  • This episode is titled "The first day of school" in France and "A new beginning" in Brazil.


  • As the camera is zooming in in the first scene, you can see a pole that can be assumed to be holding up a microphone.


Alex: (goes out of the window)

Elena: Alex! That piece of wood with a handle that your brother just walked through is called a door, remember that?

Alex: Mom, habits make you grow old, right? Look at him, he looks forty.
Nicole: (narration) Alex has been my best friend for ages, but this summer, something happened. He doesn't know it, but I'm in love with him. A high five and a "Hey, what's up?" just isn't enough for me anymore.

Alex: Hey Nicole, what's up?

Nicole: (lying) Nothing, although I couldn't wait to see you, Alex.

International Premieres

Italy flag Italy: May 11, 2015
UK flag Slash Ireland flag UK and Ireland: July 24, 2017
Spain flag Spain: January 11, 2016
France flag France: November 4, 2015
Poland flag Poland: October 17, 2015
Germany flag Germany: April 24, 2016
Greece flag Greece: March 3, 2016
Middle East flag Middle East: March 3, 2016
South Africa flag South Africa: March 3, 2016
Benelux flag Benelux: November 22, 2015
Hungary flag Slash Czech Republic flag Hungary and Czech Republic: February 6, 2016
Bulgaria flag Slash Romania flag Bulgaria and Romania: February 1, 2016
Denmark flag Slash Norway flag Slash Finland flag Slash Sweden flag Scandinavia: October 13, 2015
LatinAmericanFlags Slash Brazil flag Latin America and Brazil: September 25, 2017

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