Episode 11 is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of Alex & Co. It premiered in Italy on May 25, 2015.


The teens are crushed.They've been discovered by the principal, Mr. Belli has been fired and everyone is punished, especially Emma, who's grounded. Alex and his friends decide to perform as a band at the Flash Rock Festival. During the show Alex finds the courage to declare to Nicole.




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Alex feels guilty about Professor Belli's dismissal. He is more than a teacher, he undestood his students and encouraged them to fight for their dreams. Without him, Alex's band doesn't make sense anymore. Seeing Mr. Belli leaving the school has been horrible for Christian. The band was born at the secret place and after its closure, he thinks the band is over. Without Mr. Belli and Emma, the Sound Aloud won't participate at the Flash Rock Festival. Emma, her friends and Mr. Belli were caught at the secret place. The girl couldn't convince her father not to fire Professor Belli and she has been severely grounded. Her band will perform at the Flash Rock Festival while she will be alone at home.


  • Alex confesses that he is in love with Nicole.
  • The Flash Rock festival scenes where Alex and Nicole sing All the While were shot on November 20, 2014, the day of Eleonora Gaggero's 13th birthday.
  • This episode is titled "Flash Rock festival" in France and "A festival" in Brazil.


  • In the scene where Augusto Ferrari meets the parents, when Wilma begins talking, Sara De Ponte has her arms to the sides. When the camera focuses on Wilma, Sara has suddenly her arms folded.


Linda, to Alex & Co: Look, it's the band of superstars! I mean, the band that has been.
Nicole: Look, it's the trio of never even have been's!

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