Episode 14 is the first episode of Season 2 of Alex & Co. and the 14th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on September 27, 2015.


Alex is expecting a fantastic year at the end of summer, a whole year to live with his best friends Christian, Sam, Emma and Nicole. But all of this is likely to be swept away because of a devastating news: Alex will have to move to the United States because of his father's job.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Davide Clivio as Hugo
  • Diletta Innocenti as Lara

Songs Featured


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Alex Leoni

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Nicole De Ponte

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Linda Rossetti



  • As a part of the promotional campaign of the season, Disney Channel Italy created a website (, currently unavailable) where they encouraged the audience to write a comment to unlock the first minutes of this first episode of the season. When it finished, the first 10 minutes were revealed.
  • This is the first episode where we can see Linda's house and her butler Hugo.
  • This is also the first appearance of David and Victoria Williams.
  • This episode is titled "Back to school" in France and "A devastating news" in Brazil.


Victoria Williams: I was hoping for a red carpet and some photographers, rather than a clown...
Nina: Oh! So this is the fashionable old lady, I mean, new owner!
Wilma: No, don't worry about it. You'll have other chances, won't you? Anyway, it's been a great adventure.
Alex: We made it!

International Premieres

Italy flag Italy: September 27, 2015
UK flag Slash Ireland flag UK and Ireland: January 2, 2018
Spain flag Spain: September 12, 2016
France flag France: April 6, 2016
Poland flag Poland: March 7, 2016
Germany flag Germany: July 25, 2016
Greece flag Greece: July 7, 2016
Middle East flag Middle East: July 7, 2016
South Africa flag South Africa: July 7, 2016
Benelux flag Benelux: July 3, 2016
Hungary flag Slash Czech Republic flag Hungary and Czech Republic: October 10, 2016
Bulgaria flag Slash Romania flag Bulgaria and Romania: October 10, 2016
LatinAmericanFlags Slash Brazil flag Latin America and Brazil: October 16, 2017


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