Episode 17 is the fourth episode of Season 2 of Alex & Co. and the 17th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 11, 2015.


Alex has decided to leave with his parents. The morale of friends is down, but they do not want to give up The Talent, even if without Alex is not the same thing. When Alex helps her mother in the move preparations, she suddenly faints. The doctor says she is pregnant and advises her not to leave. Alex is happy as he will be able to participate in The Talent with his friends.




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Alex Leoni



  • It is revealed that Elena is pregnant, so Alex and his family will not move to United States.
  • In this episode the band is renamed to Alex & Co.
  • Alex and his friends find out that The Lindas will be on The Talent with them.
  • This episode is titled "Never without Alex" in France and "A new name" in Brazil.


  • Miyuki Hayakawa as Mrs. Akame is credited but she doesn't appear in this episode. The doctor should be credited instead.


Christian: I hate to tell you this but I'm starving.
Alex: You are Christian Alessi, no girl can resist your charm. Not even Emma, you'll see.
Christian: Alex, I don't say this a lot, but you're the best friend in the world.


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