Episode 20 is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Alex & Co. and the 20th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 18, 2015.


The Alex & Co. performance at the first episode of The Talent has sparked fans' enthusiasm at school. Christian has a plan to declare himself to Emma, but once again Linda and Tom, with Barto's help, will ruin everything. On the other hand, the relationship between Sam and Rebecca keeps improving.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Paolo Vecchione as Marlon (choreographer)
  • Femke Meines as herself

Songs Featured


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Emma Ferrari

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Alex Leoni



  • When Linda and Samantha hand in their work, we can see their both surnames. It is revealed Samantha's surname, Ferri.
  • Rebecca and Wilma find out they share their favourite soap opera.
  • In this episode, Wilma faints and it is revealed that Rebecca's father is a doctor.
  • In this episode and the next one, Paolo Vecchione plays Marlon, a choreographer of The Talent. In real life, he is also the choreographer of the series.
  • Femke Meines guest starred in this episode. She is a Dutch singer known for playing the main character of Just Like Me!, a Disney Channel Netherlands Original Series. When she was there, she interviewed Leonardo Cecchi (in Dutch language). You can watch his answers in English in Femke's backstage video.
    • When Marlon says "Thanks for your precious time" to her, she replies "No problem, bye bye" in English originally. For unknown reasons, she was re-dubbed to say "Yeah, sure" in the English dub.
  • This episode is titled "Linda's cheat" in France and "A copy" in Brazil.


Nicole, about the task: And you, Alex, how is it going?

Alex: Huh... Don't worry, it'll be the star of the shell.

Nicole: Meaning you haven't started yet?
Professor Strozzi: Excuse me, I have some disciplinary actions I need to get signed.
Principal Ferrari: You're giving them out like lemonade lately.[note 1]


  1. The original Italian sentence is "Lei è una fabbrica di note, vero, Strozzi?", which means "You're a note factory, aren't you, Strozzi?"


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