Episode 21 is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Alex & Co. and the 21st episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 25, 2015.


Alex is concerned that the group could be eliminated from The Talent, so he invites his friends to keep trying. But the others disagree, there are other important things to do. When Emma starts going out again with Barto, she begins to perceive there is something strange. Meanwhile, Nicole begins to feel something for David and Rebecca realizes she is in love with Sam.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Davide Clivio as Hugo
  • Francesco Leschiera as Mr. Guglielmino, Rebecca's father
  • Michele Bottini as Football coach
  • Paolo Vecchione as Marlon (choreographer)

Songs Featured


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Rebecca Guglielmino

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Nicole De Ponte



  • In this episode Sam and Rebecca almost share a kiss.
  • When Professor Belli gives Sam and Rebecca's work back, we can glimpse their both surnames. It is revealed Rebecca's surname, Guglielmino.
  • This episode is titled "Everything for the music" in France and "An unexpected almost-kiss" in Brazil.


  • Linda and Samantha got a 5 in their work, but in the Spanish dub they say they got a 4.


Rebecca, about her work with Sam: Ten? I've got a ten. We've got a ten!
Linda: Let me see. A ten? That nerd did it for you, you didn't get a ten.


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