Episode 3 is the third episode of Season 1 of Alex & Co. It premiered in Italy on May 13, 2015.


Alex finds teacher Mr. Belli playing piano in the secret room and learns he finds the strict school rules stifling too. They decide to form a band together.


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The episode starts with Nina stood at the entrance of the Melsher Institute, greeting students as they walk in. Nicole and Alex walk in and talk about Nicole seeing Emma talking to Principal Ferrari in school the previous day. Professor Strozzi then approaches them and tells them to get to class. Professor Strozzi then moves on to Nina, telling her to close the doors, which she does, allowing a few more students in first. She half-hearted smiles at him before they walked off in separate directions.

Nicole is sat waiting for Professor Belli's class when she sees Principal Ferrari pull up outside and recognizes the car as the one Emma went into the day before. The rest of the class walks in and so does Professor Belli, who starts talking before he notices that Nicole is distracted. He attempts to get her attention, with fail. Alex, to help Belli, makes a stupid voice and tries to get her attention too, but instead making the class laugh. Sam shakes Nicole's arm and she turns her attention away from the window and apologizes for being distracted. Belli lets it slide and starts talking to his class. Professor Strozzi is then seen peering through the window. He watches the class and is shown to dislike Belli's teaching style. He sees that Linda, Rebecca and Samantha are on their phones, as well as other members of the class, then leaves as Belli continues on with his lesson.

Professor Strozzi is then seen in Principal Ferrari's office, complaining about Professor Belli's teaching style. Ferrari seems unimpressed and then Belli argues back to Strozzi. Strozzi seems unimpressed by Belli's argument, and so does Ferrari. Ferrari interrupts Belli, telling him that he finds it as wrong. Belli argues and Ferrari attempts to reply, but Strozzi takes over. The two continue arguing and Ferrari then gives Belli a warning about his teaching style.

Alex and Christian are walking through the hallway, talking about girls. Nicole then approaches them in a somewhat bad mood. Alex jokes but Nicole does not seem to like it. Christian then comes up with a solution to her problem and leaves her alone with Alex in a much better mood. They start talking about Emma, upsetting Alex. Alex leaves Nicole, who makes a statement before going in the opposite direction. Alex is then seen walking down the stairs with Emma. They go down into the secret room. Alex uses the key he used to get out to open the door. They walk to the stage and Emma starts singing Music Speaks, and Alex makes a beat by doing "the cup song". Alex complements her singing, and asks her to sign his arm. Alex suggests starting a group with everyone, which she declines. They hear footsteps and face the door, not knowing who it is. Sam and Nicole walk in and Alex says that he thought they were zombies. However, Sam and Nicole are more focused on Professor Strozzi.

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  • Miyuki Hayakawa as Mrs. Akame

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Alex has found out that he can sing. Belli discovered the group in the secret place and wants to teach music to Alex, who is interested in creating a band to impress Emma. Emma has shown her song to Alex and he loves it. They will meet tomorrow. Some minutes later, Emma is worried because Nicole has known about her father. She doesn't want to lose her new friends, especially Alex. Sam is doing well in school with his new friends. He feels at ease with Nicole even he knows she has a crush on Alex. However, he doesn't have enough courage to say anything and prefers to leave things as they are.


  • This is the first episode to feature a song.
  • "The Cup Song", which Alex does in this episode, is an internet craze started by the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect.
  • As seen in Season 1 promos, this episode was shot on November 26, 2014.
  • This episode is titled "The birth of a group" in France and "A band" in Brazil.


Samantha, about Cemma: Those two seem very close.

Linda: Too close.
Samantha: I'll admit she's pretty at least.
Linda: Are you telling me that you think she's prettier than me?!
Samantha: Obviously not, she can't compete with you, Linda. You're so much prettier.

Linda: Yeah, I know that.

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