Episode 32 is the first episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 32nd episode overall. It aired in Italy on September 24, 2016.


The Alex & Co., now without Nicole, is dealing with its first album, but it faces problems from the very beginning. Meanwhile Alex meets Clio, his new classmate. Samantha feels lost without Linda.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Fabrizio Cadonà as Fabio

Songs Featured


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Alex Leoni

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Clio Pinto

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Nicole De Ponte



  • The first 6 minutes of this episode were revealed on Disney Channel Italy website two days before its premiere on TV.
  • This is the first episode that Linda is not primarily featured in.
  • Professor Strozzi was mentioned multiple times during this episode, but was not seen.
  • This episode is titled "Reunion" in France.



Alex: One thing's for sure, we are now ready to live a new adventure: our first record.
Alex, about his broken phone: And the word is "sorry".
Clio: Ok, I forgive you.

International Premieres

Italy flag Italy: September 24, 2016
UK flag Slash Ireland flag UK and Ireland: March 12, 2018
Spain flag Spain: March 20, 2017
France flag France: April 10, 2017 (First episode premiered alone in March 4, 2017 as a sneak peek)
Poland flag Poland: April 24, 2017
Germany flag Germany: January 25, 2019 (German Disney Channel App only)
Greece flag Greece: April 3, 2017
Middle East flag Middle East: April 3, 2017
South Africa flag South Africa: April 3, 2017
Benelux flag Benelux: October 14, 2017
Hungary flag Slash Czech Republic flag Hungary and Czech Republic: April 24, 2017
Bulgaria flag Slash Romania flag Bulgaria and Romania: May 8, 2017


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