Episode 36 is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Alex & Co. and the 36th episode overall. It premiered in Italy on October 8, 2016.


On the Internet appears a video of a mysterious singer who everyone loves, Nobody. Alex calls the guys to tell them a secret, but surprisingly appears Emma who returned from the United States.




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  • Fabrizo Cadonà as Fabio

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Christian Alessi

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Sam Costa

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Emma Ferrari



  • After showing his video, Nobody gives a little speech, highlighting some of his sentences by showing them on screeen. Since they are written in Italian, the screen was left empty in Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the UK.
  • This episode is titled "The mysterious singer" in France.


Ep36 image mistake
  • After watching Nobody's music video I Am Nobody, Diana says "3 millions of views in only 4 days" while on her computer screen we can see "Nobody phenomenon, 3,000,000 of likes in 3 days" in Italian. Later, on episode 37 recap, Diana repeats the same sentence whereas on her computer we can see "The Nobody phenomenon reaches 3,000,000 of views in 4 days".
    • In Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the UK, the screen was blurred to hide the Italian text in the episode but not in the recap, although the goof wasn't solved.
    • The Dutch dub solved it by saying "3 days" instead.
    • In France, the screen shows "Phenomenon Nobody 3.000.000 likes in 4 days" written in English. Here there is the mistake of separating numbers with a dot instead of a comma.
  • In the text-less version of Nobody's speech, there is an editing mistake just after he says "free to sing". The video cuts out to Diana moving her hand to her chin, which had already been seen, then it cuts out back to the computer screen but suddenly changes again to Diana touching her neck. The right version (on the left side of the video below) keeps showing the computer while Nobody says "free to sing, free to dream" and then it only cuts out to Diana touching her neck.
Ep36 video mistake


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