Episode 4 is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Alex & Co. It premiered in Italy on May 14, 2015.


Nicole wonders if she should tell Alex that Emma is the principal's daughter. Linda also wants to disclose Emma's secret, because she's in love with Christian.




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  • Miyuki Hayakawa as Mrs. Akame

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Nicole De Ponte

Alex feels he and his friends have been cheated. After knowing Emma's secret, he hasn't wanted to meet her. He thought there was something between them but now he has realized that everything was a fake. Christian's band "Sound Aloud" is making good progress and he is sure they will become famous. Meanwhile, he is helping Alex with his relationship but Christian is surprised how Linda looks at him and he would want to get rid of her. Nicole hasn't wanted to tell Emma's secret to Alex and is happy to have a good friend like Sam. While she was upset, Belli has encouraged her to sing. He has seen her looking confident but she is actually afraid.


  • Nicole, Sam and Christian sing for the first time in this episode.
  • The band is named Sound Aloud.
  • Alex finds out that Principal Ferrari is Emma's father.
  • This episode is titled "A new song" in France and "A secret" in Brazil.


  • When Emma looks at her phone in Professor Strozzi's class, the group is titled "Alex & Co." however, the band was not named "Alex & Co." until Season 2.


Sam: Hey! Is everything ok?

Nicole: (nods)

Sam: I'm sorry, you're a terrible liar.

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Alex & Co Cliffhanger Ep

Alex & Co Cliffhanger Ep. 4 - I know your secret, Emma!


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