Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Alex & Co. It premiered in Italy on May 19, 2015.


Alex is shocked: Emma has a boyfriend. Nicole tries to comfort him, but she is sad too since she's really in love with Alex. Meanwhile, Nicole runs against Linda in the elections of the new president of the student council.




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  • Andrea Cairoli as Kevin

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Alex feels stupid after discovering that Emma has a boyfriend. He wants to think of girls only as friends, as he does with Nicole. He is proud of her because she has applied for the school elections to compete against Linda. Emma wants to explain Alex about her relationship with Kevin. He doesn't want to listen her but Nicole does and understands her. One hour later, Emma's father almost discovers who the "Sound Aloud" are because of Linda. Luckily, Sam has deleted the video. Nicole is tired of being considered only "a friend". She can't put up with Alex, the guy she likes, talking about Emma, a friend who needs her advice. However, she won't stand Linda. They will face each other to win the students elections and Nicole is satisfied of it.


  • Rebecca and Samantha steal Sam's computer and they show it to Linda. They find there the alternative video of Music Speaks where Alex & Co. appear and they send it to everyone in the school.
  • Emma and Kevin, her then boyfriend, split up by mutual agreement.
  • As seen in Season 1 promos, this episode was shot on November 15, 2014.
  • This episode is titled "Election and reconciliation" in France and "A competition" in Brazil.


Samantha: Vote for Linda!

Nicole: Have you seen what she's promising in her campaign? "Free fashionable tracksuits, makeup classes, mirrors in everybody's locker"...

Sam: No, please tell me it's a joke!

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Alex & Co Cliffhanger Ep

Alex & Co Cliffhanger Ep. 7 - I thought we were friends


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