Nina is a recurring character in Alex & Co. She is the cleaner and the janitor at Melsher Institute and Ray's mother.

She is portrayed by Debora Villa.


Nina is very eccentric and easily bored. She is also shown to be caring towards the students at the Melsher Institute, for example she defended Emma against The Lindas.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Nina often wears a navy blue dress with a yellow collar, pocket, sleeve ends and buttons and her hair tied back with a yellow bow/scrunch. On an odd occasion, she will wear a royal blue dress as apposed to her navy blue dress, with the yellow sowing staying. She was also seen out of school once, where she was shown to have quite an eccentric style, much like her personality, wearing a pink and black polka dot dress with a bere in stripes of the same colours.

Season 2

In season 2, Nina's style has not changed. She continues to wear her navy blue dress with yellow sowing, and a yellow scrunch.

Season 3

In season 3, Nina's clothes change to a more sophisticated look. She wears her normal attire for a few episodes, but later switches to a navy blue blazer with a lighter shade of yellow sowing with a white dress underneath. Nina's style outside of Melsher Institute is the same, however it is less loud and more subtle.


Before the Show

Nina has been employed since before the show started, and shows obvious knowledge of knowing teachers like Professor Strozzi well, as shown by her clear dislike towards him.





Augusto Ferrari
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2 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
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5 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
6 ✔️ Present Absent ✔️ Present
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8 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present Absent
9 Absent Absent Absent
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12 Absent Absent ✔️ Present
13 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present Absent
14   Absent Absent
15   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
16   ✔️ Present Absent
17   ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
18   Absent ✔️ Present
19     ✔️ Present
20     ✔️ Present


  • She is the only adult character to not have her full name revealed.


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