Raimondo "Ray" is a character in Season 3 and Special Episodes of Alex & Co.

He is a basketball fan who falls in love with Emma when he sees her on the basketball court he plays. He also likes rap music.

Ray is portrayed by Riccardo Alemanni.


Ray is very outgoing and courageous, and never lets anyone push him around. He grew faster than others and is resourceful and enterprising. His mother, Nina is afraid of him to be with bad people, but he is shown to be very kind and caring to Emma and his friends Alex, Matt, Rebecca and Nicole.

Physical Appearance

Ray is quite tall and has reddish brown hair. He always wears hip-pop clothes and hats. He also wears necklaces, bracelets and chains.



Ray lives in Milan, Italy. He is the son of Nina and it is possible that his father died or divorced. He used to attend another school, but when his grades began to drop, his mother wanted him to attend Melsher Institute to help him to back on track.

Before the show

Before his first appearance in Season 3 he was mentioned multiple times by Nina.

Season 3


Special Episodes




Alex Leoni
Frenemy, best friend
When they first met, they had an argument when Ray took his place in the class. Ray was jealous of Alex as Alex pretended to be Emma's boyfriend around him. Then, however, they became good friends.


Emma Ferrari
Girlfriend See: Remma
They first met at the basketball court he was playing when she was walking in the park. Some days later, he went to the Blue Factory theatre to see her performance of Welcome to Your Show. When they started dating, they both composed and sang So Far Yet So Close. They became a couple and are shown in Special Episodes to love each other.


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