Special 1 is the first episode of Special Episodes of Alex & Co. and the 52nd episode overall. It premiered in Italy on June 26, 2017.


Nicole has a dream: to ger her new lyrics sung by Bakia, the greatest popstar of the moment. During a party in Matt's villa, Nicole finds out that near there, Bakia is shooting a music video. But when she tries to get close to her, Nicole has a serious accident.




Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michele Bottini as James
  • Eleonora Haerens as Ginevra Blanche di Franconia
  • Lucrezia Bertini as Soraya, Matt's sister
  • Martin Silvio Di Pietro as Rodolfo
  • Michelle Carpente as Erika (cameo)
  • Laura Locatelli as Doctor (cameo)

Songs Featured


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Alex Leoni

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Rebecca Guglielmino

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Penny Mendez

Alex can't stop thinking about Nicole. He especially likes her dreams and her new projects. Making Bakìa sing Nicole's song sounds crazy but Alex is sure they can do it together. Rebecca feels Matt's party was actually his parents' party. His mother didn't remember she met Rebecca, now Matt's girlfriend, and tried to pair up him and Ginevra. He was embarrassed and Rebecca admits he looked cute. Penny helped Nicole as a friend and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. Before that, Nicole thanked her saying "the universe owes you one". Penny felt so special that she will never forget it.


  • This is the first episode of Special Episodes.
  • This episode was released on Sky On Demand on June 23, 2017, three days before its broadcast on Disney Channel Italy.
  • Alex gives a bracelet with the words "together forever" to Nicole and they share a kiss.
  • The Lindas get into the party despite they weren't invited.
  • Matt's parents still don't know that he's dating with Rebecca.
  • When Nicole finds out that Bakìa is shooting her video near the party, she climbs a wall and falls down.
    • Penny, a girl who is fan of Alex & Co., recognizes her and calls an ambulance. However, she doesn't want to say her name and runs away as soon as the ambulance arrives.
  • This episode is titled "The accident" in France.


  • When Emma shows her invitation for Matt's party, she has opened the envelope. After that, she turns over the envelope, which is now closed. Some seconds later, the envelope is opened again.


Linda, to Ginevra: I really like you. Would you take a selfie for my blog?
Ginevra: Fade out, loser.
Penny, to Nicole: Do you know what's my favorite song? "All The While".
Nicole: The universe owes you one.

International Premieres

Italy flag Italy: June 26, 2017
France flag France: February 20, 2019


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