Tom is a recurring character in Alex & Co., the former captain of the soccer team, ex-boyfriend of Linda and the mean boy in the Melsher Institute. He is in the grade above the characters.

He is portrayed by Daniele Rampello.


Tom is the captain of the soccer team and also leader of Melsher Institute, but is not ready to lose that position. In fact, he does not like the arrival of Alex & Co.

Physical Appearance

Season 1

Tom is usually seen in his soccer uniform, which is blue and yellow. When he is not, he wears a lot of v-neck sweaters with a t-shirt underneath.

Season 2







Best friends
Tom and Barto are best friends. When the series started, it seemed as if Barto was more of a sidekick or ragdoll for Tom to make do whatever he wanted him to do. However, Tom seems to actually see Barto as a best friend and shows some care for him.


Christian Alessi
Rival, teammate
Christian and Tom are rivals, since Tom is in love with Linda who is in love with Christian. They play on the Melsher Institute soccer team together. Tom once caused Christian a leg injury.


Linda Rossetti
Ex-girlfriend See: Tinda
Tom is Linda's ex-boyfriend. He, unlike many popularity couples, actually has feelings for Linda. Tom later breaks up with Linda after he finds out that she likes Christian. However, she is shown to possibly have a few feelings for him.


# Season 1 Season 2
1 ✔️ Present Absent
2 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
3 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
4 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
5 Absent Absent
6 ✔️ Present Absent
7 Absent ✔️ Present
8 Absent ✔️ Present
9 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
10 Absent Absent
11 Absent Absent
12 Absent ✔️ Present
13 ✔️ Present ✔️ Present
14   Absent
15   Absent
16   Absent
17   ✔️ Present
18   Absent


  • It is unknown why Tom and Barto do not appear in Season 3. Barto is mentioned once so it can be assumed they are still students at Melsher Institute but don't talk with the rest of the characters anymore since Tom broke up with Linda.


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